Registration Information

Registration Procedures
To officially enroll in classes, you will need to complete the appropriate forms, present the forms at the Registration Office and pay for your tuition and fees if applicable.
Early Registration
Early registration is allowed and will help you to establish your scheduled start date for the next class if your tuition and fees are paid by the designated due date.
Late Registration
You will have a better selection of class times if you register early. Late registration is classified as the date following the tuition due date, Administration Office will determine if space is available for the requested class. If space is determined to available then you will be allowed to start with that designated class.
Withdrawal from Courses
You may withdraw from a course during the period stated on the Academic Calendar "Last Day to Withdraw from class". If you stop attending class without officially withdrawing, You may receive a failing grade for the course. Each course has special dates for course withdrawals, if school is notified of intent to withdraw within specified timeframe, refund of tuition is granted. If school is not notified of intent to withdraw within specified timeframe the tuition will be reimbursed at a set rate for days of attendance.
Course Repeats
The grades earned in the most recent course repeat will be used to calculate your grade point average and will be applied to your course completion transcript or program requirements. Once a completion certificate is awarded a course cannot be repeated for a new grade.
Class Attendance
Faculty members determine attendance requirements for their classes. As a student, you are responsible for knowing and following class attendance guidelines established by the instructor. A copy of the School Conduct and Absenteeism document will be provided. *See Appendix "B"
Faculty members will submit final grade point averages to Administration Office two days prior to scheduled graduation date from course. Graduation ceremony will be scheduled by your instructor and you will be informed of date and time to be present.
Educational Costs
We work hard to provide the highest quality instruction at the lowest possible cost to our students. Any changes in educational costs are for new students only, any changes in the cost for current students must be agreed upon by both the student and school. Please contact the Administration Office for current tuition and fee schedule.
Tuition is based on class and laboratory material costs set at the present time. *See Appendix "A"
Books and Supplies
Your costs will vary depending on the program you choose, but you should expect this to be a significant expense. Vocational-technical courses also require tools or personal protective equipment. Contact the Administration Office for more detailed information for the course you are attending.
Tuition Refunds
If you withdraw from the school, be sure to complete the required withdrawal forms to make sure you do not jeopardize your academic standing. If you are eligible for a refund, tuition dollars will be refunded according to the Tuition Fee Schedule document, contact the School Administration Office for the most recent information and to obtain a copy. This document will be provided upon request.