Graduation & Requirements

At Midwest Industrial Trade School you can earn a certificate.

Certificate Programs
When you successfully complete a designated program you will earn a Certificate of Completion. The certificate means you have the competence in your chosen area of study. See specific requirements listed for your program later in this catalog.

Academic Requirements
Academic Standing
At the end of each week your instructors will assign grades to assess your performance and encourage you to do your best work. The school will determine cumulative grade point averages (GPA) and record those on a grade record you may access at anytime.
Student Evaluation
Students are expected to complete the following: (Grades are based on 100 points. The number of points for each assignment is indicated).
Reading assignments in text and other sources
• Written post-test exams – 50 points
• Hands-on performance – 50 points
Total points required – 100 points
Points scale assigned to grade as follows:
A - 4.00 95-100 points outstanding
A- - 3.75 90-94 points excellent
B+ - 3.50 85-89 points competency
achieved to high standard
B - 3.00 79-84 points competency achieved
B- - 2.75 74-78 points competent
C - 2.50 69-73 points satisfactory
D - 2.00 64-68 points below satisfactory
F - 0.00 00-63 points fail standards
Marking System
  • A = excellent performance
  • B = above average
  • C = average performance
  • D = below average performance
  • F = failure (poor performance), no credit granted
or grade points awarded, poor attendance,failure to officially withdraw from course,failure to meet makeup requirements for an incomplete grade
If receiving Veterans Educational Benefits or other types of financial aid, you must meet any academic progress and attendance requirements by policy and agency that granted assistance.
Satisfactory Progress
We encourage you to maintain satisfactory Academic progresses while a student at MITS. The minimum satisfactory academic progress is a cumulative grade point average of 2.50. At any point in your attendance that your cumulative grade point average falls below 2.50, you may be placed on academic probation. An instructor or academic advisor will help you develop a plan of action to improve your grades. The plan may include additional number of instructional hours, additional assistance from other faculty members and other developmental requirements required.
If you are on financial aid, you must successfully complete the required programs to be eligible. When the requirements of your program are higher than the minimum standards listed here, it is your responsibility to know and follow your program requirements.
If at the end of your probationary term, you are unable to meet the minimum standards required for the selected course, we may recommend additional corrective steps or academic suspension. After a one-class absence for academic suspension, you may be re-admitted on probation to continue your studies.
Academic Honors
Every two weeks we recognize students who have achieved outstanding academic success. If during this term of two weeks you have a 4.0 GPA, you will be named to the Technical Director’s List. Incomplete or blank grades at the time lists are calculated will disqualify you from the list.
Honor Graduates
Honor Graduates are those with a final Cumulative GPA of 3.50 or better for all courses work completed toward graduation.
Incomplete Grades
Incomplete grades (I) are given for work that is not completed during an academic term due to justifiable extenuating circumstances. To qualify for an “I” grade, you will need to sign an incomplete contract agreement with the class instructor and submit it to the Administration Office. Courses must be completed no later than conclusion of the next scheduled course. Courses not completed by that time will receive an “F”.
Withdrawal from School
If you need to withdraw from the school for any reason, please see the Administration Officer for the appropriate paperwork. Deadlines and conditions for withdrawal are the same as those for withdrawal from and individual course (Withdrawal from Courses section).
Be sure to follow the proper procedures when withdrawing or you may forfeit your rights to any type of refund to which you may be entitled and receive grades of “F” in course selected.

Graduation GPA Requirements
You are considered a candidate for graduation when you have completed specific course requirements for a Welding Course Certificate or Pipe Fitter Course Certificate with a minimum GPA of 2.50 or better.