pipe fitting school

Midwest Industrial Trade School strives to provide quality pipe fitting school classes for our students who come from all over the united states. MITS Welding Classes help prepare students for careers in the construction, automotive and plumbing industries that require welding knowledge. Our pipe fitting school classes are taught by our well-qualified, experienced and dedicated welding instructors. MITS pipe fitting school offers courses to prepare our students for the opportunity to obtain a skilled trade career as a Maintenance Mechanic or as a Construction Welder. Our pipe fitting school courses include everything you need to be a successful welder including: Fork Lift training, blueprint training, hazard training pipe fitting school, fire extinguisher training and many other aspects of are welding classes. Our pipe fitting school courses teaches MIG welding techniques, TIG welding techniques, arc welding techniques, e6010 welding rods, e7018 welding rods and more. Visit our pipe fitting school for classes on OSHA Basics, Hazard Recognition, Fire Extinguishers, Hot Work Permits, Confined Space Work pipe fitting school, Lock Out Tag Out Procedures, Fork Lift Operator, Aerial Lift Operator, Basic Rigging Fundamentals, Oxyacetylene Basics/Cutting-Gouging, Plasma Arc Cutting pipe fitting school, Base Metal Preparations, Shielded Metal Arc Welding Basics, Blueprint Reading I, Blueprint Reading II, Field Sketching Techniques, Heat Treatment of Metals, Mechanical Demolition Procedures, Mechanical Properties of Metals, Non Destructive Testing Methods pipe fitting school, Hexavalent Chromium pipe fitting school, Air Carbon Arc Cutting/Gouging Techniques, Shielded Metal Arc Welding II, Shielded Metal Arc Welding III, Shielded Metal Arc Welding Pipe, Weld Symbols Interpretation, Gas Metal Arc Welding Basics/Advanced pipe fitting school, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Basics, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding II and Oxyacetylene Welding/Brazing.