Testimonials My name is Ellis, and I have been welding for four years. Midwest industrial trade school gave me the tools, skills and opportunity to completely change my career path and life. If you are unfulfilled and want a job that is hands on; pipe welding is the answer! Chad is the man and will tech you all that you need to know and more to walk on a job site and be able to contribute right away. At the moment I am applying to Viltor ammonia refrigeration, and at 50 hours a week I am closing in on a 6 figure salary! Take the chance and see what wedding can do for you with an accelerated coarse that gets you on the job site fast! 5
Testimonials Great school, with the skills I learned at MITS I was able to get a job at IPEC inc. the week after graduating. 5
Testimonials Awesome school with a great learning environment. I was a student five years ago and have been in the industry since. Great skills taught by even greater instructors! Would highly recommend to anybody looking for a quick way into a skilled trade. 5
 "I can't believe I learned stick, TIG& Pipe with 6010 and 7018 in 9 weeks & now working for a company like Starcon international in New Lenox IL"
- Jacob Ritchie
Mt. Carroll, IL
Graduated from MITS October 2013
 "Best decision I've ever made was to enroll in MITS. Changed my life and now I'm working at Industrial Combustion in Monroe WI."
- Nick Albrecht
Warren, IL
Graduated from MITS May 2013
Midwest Industrial Trade School 5 5 5